Christmas Eve: What I Am…



christmas 2012

Pretending I’m an elf, wrapping presents like mad. And practicing Christmas songs for church. Thankfully, reading sheet music is like riding a bike. It comes back surprisingly easily.


Christmas snacks

I’m obsessed with Gingerade Kombucha. And do you see that Chobani in my fridge? It’s proof that my parents read my blog, and take my recommendations. Carrots, pita chips, & hummus was dinner last night… in a pitiful attempt to balance out all of the cookies I’ve been eating.


Lobster shirt

This awesome lobster sweater. This might be the most comfortable sweater I own.



As if I haven’t been baking all month, these are the recipes that are making me want to bust out a muffin tin right now. Banana Chocolate Chip? Yes please. Click on the board to follow me on Pinterest.

I’m keeping it short today, to go spend time with family and friends. I hope you all have an absolutely amazing Christmas!

What are you doing/eating/wearing/pinning?

Meeting at the Bar[re]


Saturday afternoon, I met up with some blogger friends for a Virginia Bloggers meet up at Local Barre, and got my butt kicked. I had no idea how challenging barre classes could be! I’ve done long training runs, I’ve tried cross fit… but wow. These classes are intense!

We were welcomed right at the front door!


Katherine and I had just gotten our butt kicked… but we were still smiling!

The class was an hour long and incorporated lot of repetitions of light weights. At first I didn’t think it was going to be too bad… but by the end, my legs were shaking with every move. I was definitely feeling the burn. I think this class would be the perfect way to really tone up!

You can read the full details on the Virginia Bloggers meet up here!

The rest of the weekend was filled with Christmas parties and festivities!

christmas parties

Doesn’t Conor look so cute? I also had to include that adorable picture of Christina’s veggie-tree. How cute is that?

Sunday, I wanted to make it to hot yoga, but I ended up not making it in time, so I put together a quick living room circuit workout, which was perfect for such a gloomy day. Sometimes, you just don’t want to venture out to the gym. So move your coffee table, and get your sweat on.

circuit workout

I did a little Jillian Michael’s yoga after that circuit, and it wasn’t easy, since I was so sore from Saturday’s barre class! This week I’m hoping to make it back to cross fit… but we shall see. I’m enjoying switching up my workouts!

Have you tried any new workouts lately?