I like to cook. Sometimes.

I like to try new recipes. Sometimes.

I like to make my food look nice and presentable. Sometimes

But sometimes I just want to eat. Especially if I’m busy hanging out with my bestie, and it’s late at night, and I’ve had a few margaritas. You know how it is. We were hungry. We couldn’t be bothered with complicated recipes. We also couldn’t go to the store, which meant I needed to make do with what I had on hand. (Which, thanks to the grocery budget, wasn’t much…) But I was determined.

Somehow, it all worked. Very well, might I add. So is this the recipe you’ll break out to impress your mother-in-law? Probably not. But it might be the recipe you make when your friends are around, and craving a filling snack, and you don’t have time to waste.

So, I present to you, the:


  • 1 can black beans (drained and mostly rinsed)
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 3 tbsp egg white
  • Garlic Powder
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Black pepper

Combine everything in a blender or food process, and run it until it’s just slightly chunky. It’s not an exact science. Clearly. Heat up a skillet and spray with a little olive oil. Once the pan is heated, pour in your bean-mixture like a pancake. You’ll have to flip it before the burger is totally set, so don’t worry if it breaks apart. It might be a little scrambled after the first flip, but you can smush it back together (yes, that’s the technical term) with the spatula, and keep cooking. After a few minutes, it should be solid, and ready to serve. (I told you, you can’t mess this up.)

Please excuse the ketchup and mustard on the plate. This was round 2.

Serve with a side of these babies, and you’ve got a solid meal, in a matter of minutes. Oh, and did I mention it’s healthy? Yeah, that’s right. Boom.

Do you like to spend a lot of time preparing your food? Or are you more of a “throw it all together in a few minutes” kind of chef? For me, it totally depends on my mood! Clearly, last night, I was throwing it together 🙂

❤ Liz

28 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. This is a perfect recipe for me. Most of the time I love to just throw something together. I’m usually tired, sore and a little pissy from the days craziness, so a quick meal like this is always welcomed!!

  2. Most all of my meals are ready in 30 minutea or less. I have a hard time planning ahead…when I get hungry, it’s time to eat NOW! haha!

  3. That looks very yummy! I was wondering how many burgers it made. I live by myself. That’s for the recipe idea!!! Yummy!!

  4. I still cannot believe those are butternut squash fries! I swear I thought they were sweet potatoes! I love a good burger and fries meal. I’m making those fries asap 😀

  5. I love the combination of black bean burgers and sweet potato fries. I don’t like getting my hands all covered in mush and sticky when I’m making the burgers, but it’s so worth it!

  6. must. make. blackbean. burgers…..

    I’m so slacking on trying new things I keep bookmarking everyones recipes but I get sleepy around dinnertime and just whip up things I can make with my eyes closed. make me stop? haha!

    • I do the SAME Thing!!! I’m like “Ohh this looks so good” and then I don’t want to make the mandatory trip to the store for ingredients, and I get lazy and make things like, the thing above 😉

  7. This recipe looks delicious; I especially love its name! 🙂 I usually throw my meals together, but if I have a craving for something special, I’ll take the time to make it. 😀

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